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february March 3, 2011

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What happened to February? That was fast!

Cinco turned seis! Brody (my fifth grandchild to whom I gave the special nickname, Cinco) had a birthday and we all got to celebrate with him! Fun to see the cousins all together playing backyard baseball at Bampi and Noni’s house. The Staynette’s little cousin Nick was there and he is adorable and soooo smart!

We have some athletes in the family: Joel and Caitlyn can really hit the ball, and Cooper and Cass are right there.

Rory, Jess, and Tucker set up their new home in Columbus, Georgia. Tucker and the yet to arrive Miss Piper have beautiful new rooms and lots of space to play. Jess is busy getting ready for Piper and Rory continues to be a wonderful hands-on dad for young King Tuck. Their latest joint venture is a new aquarium since they had to leave Francis and company behind in Germany. Grampa Tom and I plan to visit in June and we are excited!

Joel is almost as tall as I am. Hmmm, wonder when he will reach the pedals on that jeep?

Oh, and Grampa Tom gave me a wonderful birthday/valentine’s surprise…a Kindle in a lovely red leather case (to match my shoes and purse, silly!). I devoured the Girl with the Dragon Tatoo and cannot wait to read the rest of the series. Tom is my best bud and I sure do love him!